Children's Online Endangered Animals Drawing and Painting Workshop on Wednesday 8th April 2020




We will be focusing on the Critically Endangered Sri Lankan Elephant in this informative and engaging art workshop. The children will draw and paint the elephant using references and a demonstration about how to structure the elephants form. We will also look at the threats the Sri Lankan elephant faces in the wild and what we can do to help these beautiful creatures.


Max numbers for Workshop: 6


Materials needed: Paper, pencil, any colouring materials i.e colouring pencils/watercolour pencils or any paints. 


Classes are online and a link to Zoom will be sent prior to the class in order to join the session. I send the link via email so if possible if you can please provide the relevant email address upon checkout. (You do not have to pay to join Zoom)

Wednesday 8th April Online Endangered Animals Workshop


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