AD-HOC Children's Saturday Online Art Class - 16th May 12.45pm-1.45pm


The theme of this 6 week term is Toys, this is Week 5 of the 6 week term. Please refer to the schedule in the images. We will be looking at old and new toys, the construction and different materials of toys. It is a highly creative and engaging 6 week term where the children will be drawing, painting and sculpting forms using their new found knowledge. We will also be using various references, demonstrations and artist inspiration to inform our ideas. 


Children will need: Paper, pencils, sharpener, rubber, colouring materials i.e colouring pencils/watercolour pencils or paints i.e acrylics/watercolours- any of these colouring materials will be appropriate. 


Classes are online using Zoom and this price is on the basis of the children being new to our regular Saturday art class and not being given the art packs provided from a previous session which are for our online classes. 

16th May - AD-HOC Children's Saturday Online Art Class - 12.45pm-1.45pm


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